Examples of the Most Successful Side Hustles in 2022

In 2022 side hustles will be a common way to make additional income in your monthly budget. Many people use side hustles to pay off debt, save for a vacation, or a down payment on a house.

A side hustle is an additional job that either creates passive income or active but supplemental income.

What side hustles will be most successful in 2022?

1. Airbnb/VRBO:

Generate a side income by renting out a room on Airbnb. Depending on the area you can make $300-3000 per month. Rent out part of your home for a fee through companies like Air BnB, Home Away, FlipKey, and Roomorama in exchange for cleaning, additional security measures, and having guests in your home on a temporary basis.

Renting on Airbnb and VRBO may also just be seasonal income for you, as depending on your location, vacation occupancy may rise and fall with the seasons.

2. Delivery Driver:

Make money by delivering food or people with companies like Uber, DoorDash, Postmates, etc. This side job allows you to choose your own hours and many people make up to $25/hour.

There are obviously other costs, including your car costs, including insurance, gas, depreciation, etc. so before you commit, please do the math for your own situation.

3. Taxes:

Make money by finding tax deductions and credits that you qualify for. The best side hustles are ones that require no additional time or energy after their initial setup, which is what this side hustle requires. It can save you thousands of dollars in taxes if done right!

Now, many wouldn’t consider this a legitimate side hustle, but in my view, anything that saves you money is even better than making you money. In addition, if you get proficient in this, you can always try and use your knowledge to consult with others in your area. Just make sure you understand the lax rules very well before proceeding.

4. College Coaching:

You could become a side college coach, teaching students how to ace their exams (or essays). You can answer questions about specific courses or university-wide lectures on platforms like Reddit or Quora.

5. Freelancing:

Become an independent contractor through Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance sites to do short-term work for clients around the world. You can set your own side hustle rates and determine whether or not you want to work for this client again.

6. Virtual assistant:

You can become a virtual assistant to businesses around the world through websites like Zirtual. This side job allows you to have flexible hours, but only earns you about $10/hour on average.

If you have additional skills and benefits for potential employers, you can easily increase this wage significantly. All the more reason to be constantly learning something new and brushing up on unused skills.

7. Online side hustling community:

Many side hustlers are looking to connect with other side-hustlers to create additional income streams in different ways, whether it be renting out an Airbnb room together or starting a business together! One idea is to start or join an online side hustling community, where people go to meet other side-hustlers. You can then use that side hustle community to find side hustles you want to participate in and bounce ideas of similar-minded individuals.

8. Online course creation:

If you have a particular skill or expertise in one topic or area, you can create an online course for others to learn that skill. It can be on almost anything, there are courses out there for everything from how to wrestle an alligator, to how to arrange flowers. Use your knowledge to your advantage and teach others at the same time.

9. Influencer:

Become an influencer on Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat to make side money through ads, sponsorship, or brand deals. This side hustle only works if you have a large following within your niche, but can be lucrative if done correctly. The average side income for influencers is about $300-4000 per post/video!

10. Ebay:

You can become a side eBayer and sell items through the website on the side of your regular job! This side income needs very little additional time, energy, or experience beyond what it takes to list and sell an item online though, so anyone with internet access has the ability to do this side hustle.

11. Becoming a real-estate investor:

You can begin investing in real estate properties through companies like Fundrise. Your side hustle income can be made passively, but you need to qualify for this side hustle before putting your money into it. However, I suspect that if you are already willing to invest in real estate, then you likely meet the requirements to join this side hustling company!

12. Buying an online business

With a bit of capital, and some time to invest in yourself, buying an online business might just be the best way to earn a significant income, while still maintaining a lifestyle that most would consider envious.

Online businesses can be significantly less work and require a far lighter time commitment than a traditional business, making them attractive to many investors looking for a somewhat passive income stream to either replace or support their existing income.

Now, I might be biased, as this is what I have done, and even sold my traditional businesses for. I have never looked back, and while the income from an online business may fluctuate somewhat, depending on the niche and monetization, the freedom you get from owning an online property or App is unbeatable! An


Once you have found your side-hustle, be sure to spend some time on growing your side-income with little additional effort from you! For many side hustles, this means creating an army of affiliate marketers for your side project. The more people who are promoting the product or service, the greater chance it will sell and you can build up that side income even further. Be sure to continue to provide customers value through free content like eBooks or webinars while also selling something yourself that should give you leverage when negotiating better commissions with affiliates too! It may take some time for this side hustling idea to pay off.

Good luck!