Best Online Side Hustles in Canada for 2021

If you’re looking for a side hustle or an opportunity to make money online in Canada, then we’ve got just the thing. In 2021 there will be more opportunities than ever before!

Lucky enough it seems like remote workers and gig-workers are on their way up – meaning that by 2031 one out of every four people could potentially lead their entire life as a part-time freelancer with flexible scheduling options through dropshipping (or renting your own products),

Affiliate Marketing programs such as ClickBank/commissions from website sales using Amazon FBA services ̶to name only three ways Canadians can generate passive income while also working regular hours during weekdays

Online Tutoring

Especially since COVID-19 broke our planet, people are in desperate need of tutors, teachers, and just about anyone who is willing to share their expertise with their kids, themselves, and their employees.

If you have some particular expertise somewhere in some field, or were pretty good in school, and have some inclination to teach kids and tutor them on subjects that you remember from school and still have a deep knowledge of, then read on!

If you’re looking to make some cash, setting up an online tuition service is a great idea. You can charge students anywhere between $25 and $500 per hour for your time in this field which means that if all goes well with sales it would be possible to earn around 40k – 200K annually!

A lot of people are searching online every day on programs like Upwork or Guru because they need expertise/talent in different areas; many will pay top dollar if the person has what he needs (knowledge), so why not do something about it?

One-on-One Tutoring

If you want to teach one person at a time, and do it live and in-person (or at least, over Zoom these days) then consider tutoring.

Not just for kids and their homework, all kinds of tutors are needed these days. I have a friend of mine who is a video game tutor. He spends his days helping people with games they play. He tutors them on the game mechanics, strategies, and characters of the video games they want to improve on. Wild!

Digital Courses/Training

If you do have deep knowledge of a certain topic and want to spend the time to create an online course to help others understand it as you do, then maybe creating your own digital online course is the way for you.

Sites like Udemy and others will have courses… on how to make … courses. Inception!

Okay, what does that mean? Well, these instructors will teach you the skills, the programs, and the technology you need to create a successful course. All you need to bring is your knowledge, and a subscription to the service, obviously.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money watching other people do all of your work for you. No technical knowledge is needed!

All a person needs are an internet connection and some time on their hands, then they can start making cash from home by simply setting up a basic website through one of many online builders available these days such as Thrive Themes or Elementor which will create them ready-to-go sites in minutes.

Not only that but with affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, there’s no limit to how much profit could flow into someone’s bank account because everything sold comes pre-loaded with tracking numbers which mean every sale made brings more revenue automatically so don’t worry if it seems like some effort to get going, once you have it working, it can run with little maintenance.

Once the site is created, source some services or products you want to add and include your links. Here is how the process works in 8 easy steps:

  1. Determine your niche
  2. Buy a domain name that matches your niche
  3. Build your website
  4. Source the services/products you will sell
  5. Add product links to your site and perform SEO
  6. Get traffic that buys your products
  7. Make sales and earn a commission
  8. Rinse, Refine, Duplicate with new products and services

There are many steps to becoming an affiliate marketer. You will learn about effective SEO and traffic generation when it’s appropriate to use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for your business’ marketing needs (if at all), what type of blogs/reviews should be included in order to generate leads from potential customers that may not know much about the company before they buy something online using one’s own product links on their website(s).

Affiliate Marketing is a tried and tested way for newbies to make some extra cash. All you need are an internet connection, the know-how to set up your own basic website using Thrive Themes or Elementor (both free), then all that’s left is letting things flow!

This may not seem like much work at first glance but Affiliates take time because they have their hands full running ads on social media sites – which takes patience as well due diligence in monitoring traffic sources so there isn’t any waste of budget spent online without generating revenue from these efforts.

Advertising Service

It’s time to get your entrepreneurial game on point because businesses are willing and eager to pay you good money for advertising services.

If you’re an expert in Google Ads or Social Media ads like Facebook, Instagram then make some cash by creating targeted advertisements that will target specific customer bases with valuable products they crave!

If you aren’t an expert, but have some knowledge, or would like to learn, it is also a skill you can learn relatively quickly and have some success without having to spend years investing in education.

Here are some examples of areas of advertising you can support:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Ads

Amazon FBA

You could be making money from home or online, but if you’re looking for a way to give your customers the security of dealing with an instantly recognizable brand then maybe Amazon is right up their alley. They offer Fulfillment by Amazon which means that all shipping needs are handled on behalf of this program and not yourself.

When your customers use Amazon to ship internationally, your customers will receive access to Amazon’s tracking network. This means that they can see their package arrive and dispatch from every point along its journey without having to worry about missing any important information like delivery date or time!

Got a lot of items to sell? Amazon’s got your back. The company handles all the picking, packing, and shipping for you while also managing any returns or issues by way of its extensive customer service network so that it can go out quickly with minimal hassle on both ends of the transaction!


Let your creative flair fly!

Many men and women have turned their creative talents into a business over the past several years, and Etsy is one of many marketplaces for them.

Since the site’s inception in 2003, people all across America have been able to sell goods without any hassle whatsoever- even if you’re not very tech-savvy or know how to edit images!

You can design anything that comes into mind on this collective selling area called “Etsy.” And with an estimated 3 million members worldwide already using it as well, there are limitless opportunities waiting right before us – so go ahead: be entrepreneurial today!

Doesn’t matter what your creative talent is, I am positive there is a niche on Etsy buying and selling similar items. If you are lucky, you may even have an outrageously original talent that nobody on Etsy is already selling, and you can pioneer that market!

With Etsy, you can create your own online store and reach customers all over the world.

The website is free to sign up for if you live in an area that’s not very populated or have remote access so it will allow people at any place with an internet connection to get access too!

There are some fees involved like payment processing but once these payments come out of my account balance I’ll be able to make more purchases–you’re welcome 🙂


Dropshipping means you don’t have to work with any of the hassle that comes with Amazon FBA. Instead, all your products are shipped directly from other companies and not in storage at their warehouse – they just ship them right away!

This makes for an easy business model since there’s no long wait time between placing orders or waiting on shipments like what would happen if something went missing while it was being stored by amazon themselves (which does happen).

It can also save money because many times suppliers charge less than traditional retailers, which allows us more room in our budget each month to wiggle when a new expense is unexpected.

Here are some simple examples of running a dropshipping business like this:

  1. Lower than average start-up costs
  2. No need to hold inventory in your own warehouse or home
  3. Returns are managed for you by the retailer
  4. This kind of business can be run from home easily
  5. Low overhead
  6. Easy to scale into a larger business with more products, inventory and marketing

Dropshipping can be a great way to start your own business, but it’s not perfect.

Errors at the supplier level and shipping issues are common downsides of this kind of business. You will have to take responsibility for resolving these problems if they arise in any way you can. You may also encounter complicated problems from time to time when competing against other retailers in popular niches like clothing/fashion trends where profit margins tend to be quite low. Customers may require many options before deciding who has their favorite product, which leads to more competition, and a sort of arms race of options and designs, which in turn forces you to have more stock available and more work on the website done for each item.

Web Designer

Would you like to make some money designing websites? It’s one of the most popular careers for people who want an office anywhere, anytime lifestyle. If your skills are top-notch and combined with expertise in domains like WordPress or cPanel then there is no reason why this shouldn’t be able to earn you enough cash!

Doing well as a web designer doesn’t require years upon years of experience; rather all that really matters when getting started today would simply include some technical knowledge about databases (SQL), HTML/CSS layouts + development toolsets such as Dreamweaver CC & Photoshop CS6+. A little bit of research and maybe an online course can help you get these basic skills in a matter of days or weeks. At least enough to get you started while you learn more.

You can get started with a website design by setting your prices and giving recommendations to the customer. If they want extra features, you’ll have an idea of what is required depending on how complex or simple their desired outcome for this project will be. In terms of content needed from you as well additional/extra things that would go along nicely with it but aren’t necessary at all times just like any other personal service where there’s going back-and forth during every step until everything has been agreed upon between both parties involved because no one likes being told “I’m sorry,” after disagreeing about something important enough already!


You might not think it, but there are always bargains to be found if you look hard enough.

Selling on eBay can make big money for people who don’t mind digging through the bargain bins and finding items that they know will sell well because of their low price point or whatnot!

The best part about selling via this site is how easy everything seems. You just sign up with your contact information after which time a sales commission rate kicks in automatically depending upon where/how often each item was sold plus other fees like listing costs (which vary greatly by country).

It doesn’t take much effort either; all I had previously done myself were some basic keyword searches using phrases.

Sell T-shirts or Clothing

Have you ever thought about designing your own T-shirt? It’s easy to think that there is no room in the market, but this business has been making extra cash for many people. Designing clothes can be fun and rewarding!

A creative hobby or interest often sparks an idea of what design should go on each shirt – it could even become profitable if marketed properly through social media channels with inexpensive marketing materials like Facebook and Google Ads.

Let your creativity fly with a new fun design from a dream you had, or a photo of your amazing desert! You NEVER know what is going to be popular and sell well, so try out all sorts of things.

These days, it’s not just about wearing clothes that hide your flaws; if you’ve got a good idea and the know-how to make them real then there is no limit on what can be accomplished.

One company that knows this well is Spreadshirt – they offer an end-to-end platform for people wanting to set up their own store with customizable designs plus help in designing websites themselves too!

From T-shirts all way through various goods like posters & mugs (and even mousepads!) these innovators have anything under the sun when customers want something personalized by someone else or businesses looking for branding opportunities without breaking any bank accounts along the way either unlike other large brands out there today.

A niche is an excellent way to stand out in the crowd. Size, design quality, and uniqueness can all make or break your business when it comes down to competition for customers; so find yourself something that will set you apart from others like Nike did with their Air Force 1 sneakers!
Famous brands have found success by targeting niches where there was already demand but didn’t provide any products – this allowed them maximum exposure without having to compete at full strength against other competitors who may not be offering what people want just yet (i.e., new models).

Online Surveys

Online surveys are a bit of an old, much-touted way to make extra money – but they work. Read any review or blog about how people have been able to use different sites and apps as well as fill out surveys for varying benefits from cash rewards all the way up through other types such things as gift cards or even just being heard on some opinions offered their honest thoughts which can help shape what kind of products may come next!

In today’s world where more than half our time online goes into social media anyway (and let me tell you: there really isn’t anything wrong with that), why wouldn’t we want to access it at least once?

Online survey taking is more popular than ever, with Swagbucks being one of the most well-known apps out there.

However! There are plenty more companies that offer opportunities for cash money on your PC or smartphone – all you need to do is search “online surveys” in Google and see what pops up.

Signing up can be as easy as filling out some form fields and getting approved by their system once it’s been done correctly within a few minutes.

It doesn’t take much-thinking power either; multiple-choice questions will leave most people satisfied plus choosing between Yes/No answers requires only two mouse clicks at most.

The downside to most online surveys is that they can feel a bit tedious after a while due to their simplicity. Still, if you’re willing and able to handle the low demand of this type of work (low stress), it may be worth checking out for extra cash opportunities in your spare time since pay rates vary depending on where each company gets its data from but tend not to stay too high or poorly paid overall These types jobs also allow flexible schedules which makes them great options when juggling other activities such as family life

The Good: Easy availability; No special skills needed beyond internet access

You can get paid in many different ways. Some survey apps will send you a check, and other use PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards to dole out their rewards!

Translation Services

In this day and age, it’s no longer enough to have a voice that can speak one of two languages. Businesses need good translation services for the global marketplace – even if you’re located in Canada where there are typically only two commonly used languages: English or French!

In order to stay competitive among other companies who offer these types of language-related benefits (and more), many organizations now choose their own dialects as well so they’ll always be at least partially represented on any given project list.

At some of these companies, they do everything from subtitling movies & TV shows; translating novels into different fiction dubbed versions. is the perfect way to make money online without any technical skills or experience needed! You can be paid in different languages if you speak fluently, second-language speakers are also accepted on this platform.

A lot of people think that they need extensive knowledge about computers in order to work as an international translator but actually, there’s no such thing as “translator level”. All it takes is some basic vocabulary and grammar understanding which most native English speakers already possess thanks to their education at school (or maybe even earlier). The best part? Payment can be really good for these translations and will vary based on the need and demand for your native languages.

Become a Proofreader

Are you a proofreader at heart? You’ll need to have an eye for catching spelling or grammar errors present on any piece of writing. Proofreading is the gig if this sounds like your thing!

Proofreaders can work from anywhere in the world. Want to have a career that lets you travel while still making money? A proofreading business will keep on Giving as long as there’s internet access!

Even if you only make this a side gig, it can really be worth your while when you have the right tools.

Transcription Services

If you’ve got a laptop and some headphones, this is what it takes to get started in the business of providing transcription services. Companies hire people like me who can accurately document speech heard on audio or video recordings – but they have done so quickly and with little turnaround time for paying customers’ needs!

If you’re looking for a flexible, home-based job that can be done in your pajamas and doesn’t require much start-up cost then transcribing is probably right up your alley.

You will need basic equipment like a computer with internet access or else just music software to record from audio files onto video cassettes which are easy enough on laptop computers nowadays thanks to their lightning-fast processors!

I recommend using foot pedals while typing so it’s easier than having both hands occupied trying not to get stuck at this point – these little guys don’t take long learning either once they’ve been used before but there aren’t many reviews available outside youtube videos..

It’s easy to get approved with Accutran Global. They just require that you pass their English spelling test and typing speed tests, so don’t worry about your grammar or reading skills!

You may also have specific requirements depending on the sensitivity of material for which they hire transcriptionists like background checks or disclaimers before starting work-related tasks in sensitive areas such as medical records review (which can include things like patient records).

Social Media Management Services

You can earn an income by offering your services as a Social Media Manager.

Many people find that managing their accounts for business or organization takes up too much time and they are in need of someone to help them out with posting regularly.

Using different social media channels like Facebook Business pages where the posts should be about what’s happening now at this site plus any newsworthy items coming soon etc., creating content calendars based around seasonal topics (i.e Christmas), and engaging directly with followers while monitoring comments from customers who might leave feedback regarding products/services available there through companies’ profiles are some of the tasks you would perform for your clients.

If you have some creative skills such as logo making or graphic design, then incorporating them into your management packages for additional fees is a great idea. Custom-designed posts are popular and businesses will pay a premium just to get well-designed attractive content from someone they know can deliver high-quality work on time every month!

Automatic Investing

If you are like me, you like to keep any loose change you have floating around your bank account active. Especially now in 2021, with inflation in Canada reaching new heights, it’s as important as ever to make sure your money is working for you!

Investing just a few dollars each month can lead to huge returns. Automatic investing apps help people save and invest without having to worry about their lifestyle being impacted by the savings or investment process!

Moka (formerly Mylo) is the newest investing app to take on Wall Street. With Moke, you can invest your spare change in low-cost ETFs and start building wealth for yourself with just a few taps of the finger! Sign up now before they run outta bonuses – get $5 off when signing up today.

Make Money Online Canada Summary

If you’re living in Canada and looking for ways to make money from home, then most of these creative options should generate income without much capital investment needed.

Don’t fall victim to scams- there are plenty of legitimate ways that will let people get extra cash on the cheap!

Working remotely keeps overhead low while also allowing themselves flexibility with their work schedule; iPhone/iPad combo’s aren’t always necessary when starting out but they do become helpful as more jobs come through town or even just once business picks up speed again after some time off.