Tips to Retire Early: The Fire Movement

FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early, and the FIRE acronym is recognized by many young professionals who want to retire early.

The FIRE movement is a new trend in the personal finance world. The FIRE movement encourages young professionals to retire early and live life on their own terms.

There are many benefits of retiring early, but it’s not always easy to do when you’re still working full time! In this article, we’ll discuss these 9 FIRE movement tricks that will help anyone who is interested in retiring early.

FIRE movement tips

The FIRE movement has grown in popularity recently, and many young professionals are looking to retire early.

The common goal is financial independence, where you have enough income each month to cross off all your monthly expenses without needing a salary or working full time. This means if you want $100k per year in retirement withdrawals, then you need to save up a minimum of $2.2m.

Financial Independence

What does it really mean to be financially independent? In my view, it means never having to worry about money, or where your income is going to come from in your old age.

FIRE movement blog

This fire movement is quickly gaining popularity among young professionals, and there are many blogs that talk about the FIRE movement tricks to help anyone who is interested in retiring early!

The common goal is financial independence, where you have enough passive income from investments each month to pay all your monthly expenses without needing a salary or working full time. This means you need to save up $100k per year in retirement withdrawals, and this will require at least $3m (ideally more).

Save money responsibly

The key to financial independence and a well-deserved early retirement (FIRE) is to ensure that you always have your retirement goals in mind.

Adjust your spending rate to match those goals, and save money where you can, in accordance with your income. You can easily identify any unnecessary spending by saving a certain percentage of your income every month.

This could be a modest 10-15% of your income or an aggressive savings of 50%+ of monthly income.

The most common FIRE mistake that many people make is to spend the money they earn as soon as it hits their accounts. This can become a problem if you’re not saving enough and could lead to financial problems further down the line!

Retirement savings should be prioritized when thinking FIRE over any other form of investment or spending, even luxury items such as designer clothes, fancy dinners out, etc. These small expenditures will not seem so trivial when you’ve retired early because your income has reduced significantly due to inflation.

Avoid lifestyle inflation

Lifestyle inflation is essentially when you spend more money on luxury items after your income increases.

This can include things like renting a bigger house, buying an expensive car or traveling overseas for work-related reasons, etc.

The most important thing to remember about lifestyle inflation is that it’s very difficult to decrease your spending once it has increased!

A simple way of avoiding this problem entirely is by ensuring that you have enough cash in the bank to cover all expenses if you were unemployed overnight. Having these savings ensures that even though your income might drop drastically – so too will your monthly outgoings!

It may seem obvious but living below our means allows us to save more effectively which ultimately leads towards financial independence and early retirement. If we are able to live without the additional luxury items we will be able to save more of our income and invest it wisely.

Investing in passive assets

It’s important that you focus on investing for your future as well as saving money responsibly.

There are many different investment options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., but one of the best ways to build wealth is by purchasing rental properties. This involves buying a property with an intention to rent out part or all of it at a later date. You can then sell this house after some time has passed and made a profit off the sale!

The key here is not to purchase overly expensive properties because they won’t provide high enough returns; instead, look for good value properties which could yield great results over long periods of time.

Don’t be too conservative or aggressive with your strategy; try to find a balanced approach that will maximize returns while minimizing risk, and still provide you enough money.

Always consult an experienced adviser if you’re unsure of how to invest for retirement and what the best options are available in today’s markets.

Invest your savings wisely

Once you’ve saved a substantial amount of money to invest, you need to take the time and do your research before making any major decisions about what to do with your savings. Just ask the leanfire followers

There are many ways in which you can invest your savings such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., but it’s important that you consider how much risk is involved with each type of investment.

For high earners, you can afford to put huge chunks of your earned income into savings and achieve financial independence a bit earlier than some of your contemporaries.

But you still want to put your saved investments in prudent vehicles that can provide you with long-term living expenses and allow you to enjoy higher annual expenses in your early retirement.

Plan for unexpected expenses or emergencies – Optimize your taxes so you pay less than what you owe!

Most people will not be able to quit the rat race early without having a plan for unexpected expenses and emergencies.

Unfortunately, no matter your frugal lifestyle, there is always the possibility that an expensive car accident or sudden illness could come out of nowhere and derail your financial independence!

Luckily, there are some great tools and tricks that can help us optimize our FIRE planning.

Doing things like making charitable donations to reduce your taxable income or putting money into a Health Savings Account (HSA — if available in your country) can be used for medical expenses without being taxed!

Minimize debt if possible

Finally, it’s important to try and minimize your debt if at all possible.

This is a very difficult thing for some people to do because of the high-interest rates that come with credit card debt or student loans – but living below our means allows us to save more effectively which ultimately leads towards financial independence and early retirement.

It might seem obvious, but to really reach fire sooner, how much money fire movement followers can save will be directly impacted by how much debt they also carry.

Now, we have a good article on debt, and not all debt is bad. However, fire followers should always be aware that any debt you carry when you retire will be serviced straight out of your annual spending, or from your savings directly.

Get more control of your saving and your spending before retirement. Save now, for the lifestyle you want to enjoy later.

Don’t forget about health insurance

Insurance can be expensive without coverage through work! If affordable options aren’t available, look into short-term policies or coverage from a spouse’s employer.

It is important to have health insurance when you are retired, especially since it can be difficult and expensive for older people to obtain affordable policies!

Some employers offer great benefits packages that may include low-cost or free supplemental plans which give their employees access to things like dental or vision care at a minimal cost.

Take advantage of all your work benefits

Benefits include paid time off and 401K matching. It’s a great way to save for retirement!

Take any shortcuts you can to reach financial independence, including any free tax advice and additional income that your employer may offer.


It’s also important to maintain a work-life balance while working for an employer since you won’t be benefitting as much for your extra hours worked as you would when you are working for yourself.

Younger workers can also start saving and get benefits from employers like matching RRSP and 401k depending on where you live.

The FIRE movement starts with job satisfaction and benefits where you are now.

Side Hustles

You can also get a good side hustle or a part-time job or even some freelance work to give you more freedom and more emphasis on your retirement plans. This additional income stream will no doubt increase your money saved every month and open up your financial life.

Sometimes the only way to achieve your desired lifestyle is by starting slow with a side hustle in tandem with your current employment. This gives you stability as well as safety with your income and investing. Allowing you to retire with enough money to retire early and be financially independent. This is a core concept to followers of the fire movement.

You may be able to retire early even if you don’t have much saved

There are many ways to make money when you’re not working full time – this includes freelancing, part-time jobs, passive income through investment, or real estate, among other things! You need this money later in life to pay for your future larger purchases you may need to make when you want to retire.

If you haven’t saved enough to retire early, don’t worry! There are many ways to make extra money on the side that will help with your future costs. This includes freelancing, part-time jobs, or passive income through investments and real estate among other things! You need this money later in life for larger purchases like homes or vehicles if you decide to retire early.

Pay taxes and don’t get pink slips

Play by the rules. There are so many young professionals who get lured in with retirement, and they forget to do the basics, like dealing with CRA / IRS. The FIRE movement is about more than retirement timing and maximizing your withdrawal rate when you are finally ready to enjoy your retirement. The FIRE movement is also about teaching you the skills to be successful in your retirement, and getting caught with unpaid taxes is going to seriously deplete your saving, as well as put a serious black mark on your credit score.

If you retire early, don’t forget the taxes and make sure not to get pink slips from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) / IRS (Internal Revenue Service)!

Buy your medium-sized car and don’t forget the taxes you owe before you retire. Okay, after retirement, too!

Achieve financial independence

The FIRE movement is a lifestyle choice more than anything else – so enjoy this journey towards financial independence retire early.

This is what FIRE followers want you to know about the FIRE movement. It’s more than just your want to retire early and how to be financially independent, it’s also about how much money you saved while working, so you have more to spend.

We have more resources for those interested in the FIRE movement and early retirement.